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Two Wicomico At-Large School Board Candidates Send "S.O.S." Message to Save Our Schools


May 22, 2022

WICOMICO COUNTY, MD - Kristin Hazel and Darren Lombardo are running for the two At-Large seats in Wicomico County's school board race. Wicomico has five District seats and two At-Large seats.

Over the weekend, Hazel and Lombardo kicked-off a campaign called "S.O.S" to save our schools. They can be found across the county spreading the S.O.S message to restore traditional education by returning to classic core subjects without Common Core and political-indoctrinating bias, such as CRT (Critical Race Theory), SEL (Social Emotional Learning), and obscene materials used in the schools today.

Both are not politicians. They are not afraid to challenge the establishment that they believe has failed our children, uniquely setting them apart from all of the other six At-Large candidates. First and foremost, they both are parents and business owners that have children in the Wicomico County Public Schools system, and they understand the urgent need to shift the status quo to the kind of change that has proven the test of time - the old school. They both firmly believe that our students need to learn to read, write, spell, and workout math solutions on paper, and without dependency on electronic devices. They also believe that the students need to learn U.S. History on the Constitution and to love America without the devisive rhetoric found in the classroom today. Our students need to be able to achieve academically without systemic grade inflation or equity programs that lower the bar, limit, and degrade students.

They both stand to unite the people, ensure equal opportunity for all, teach students the necessary skills to succeed (including financial literacy K-12), and to help teachers have what's necessary to successfully teach.

Hazel and Lombardo are definitely two candidates that are worth checking out. Their websites are: and They can also be found on Facebook at and

"S.O.S" is a message to save our schools and is not an endorsement or affiliation with any organization, entity, or PAC.

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