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The Government's Objective To Sexually Groom Children in School

Weekly Dobson Policy Center Update

Gary Bauer, Senior Vice President of Public Policy

September 22, 2022

The battle about what to teach children in public schools concerning sexual orientation and gender identity is raging all over America. A radical LGBTQ+ agenda is being pushed in elementary schools, where children should be learning their ABCs.

It has been inspiring to see parents speaking up at school board meetings demanding that their innocent little children be shielded from explicit human sexuality curriculum, as well as the radical gender ideology that is all the rage among some “progressive” educational elitists.

Those parents, who are trying to protect their children, have been vilified, called “extremists,” “quasi-fascists” and even lumped in with “domestic terrorists.” Here is the good news: Because of their courage we are winning the debate.

The New York Times, a big supporter of exposing young children to inappropriate material about sex, just completed a comprehensive national poll and didn’t like the results on one question in particular. Here it is:

“Do you support or oppose allowing public school teachers to provide classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity to children in elementary school?”

Only 27% of the public supported exposing children in grades one to five, to such classroom instruction. A whopping 70% said “no” to children being exposed to the LGBTQ+ agenda. America is deeply divided on many other issues, but when it comes to five to nine-year-olds being introduced to drag queens and changing genders it is a landslide in favor of protecting our kids. (Even in grades six to eight the public still says “no” to graphic sexual instruction by a 54% to 44% margin.)

Not surprisingly the New York Times tried to bury the response to this poll question. But the “eagle eyes” here at the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute uncovered it and wanted to let you know.

Bold Governors Stand With Parents

In states like California and New York, parental rights are shrinking while radical curriculum is growing in the schools. But some governors and state legislatures around the country are standing up for parents. They deserve our praise.

Earlier this year, at the urging of Governor Ron DeSantis, the Florida legislature passed the Parental Rights in Education law. The bill prohibits classroom instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity in kindergarten through third grade. After the third grade, it prohibits sexuality instruction that is not age appropriate.

DeSantis explained the need for the law this way by saying, “Parents' rights have been increasingly under assault around the nation, but in Florida we stand up for the rights of parents and the fundamental role they play in the education of their children.”

In Virginia, Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin, who won the election in 2021 on a platform of standing with parents, issued new regulations on September 16th, fulfilling his pledges.

Model regulations from the Virginia Department of Education require that students use of bathrooms or locker rooms should be based on their biological sex. In other words, no boys allowed in the girls’ bathrooms!

Students who are minors must be referred to by the name and pronouns in their official records, unless a parent approves of something else. Teachers should not conceal information about a student’s gender identification from that student’s parents. Counseling services related to gender identity cannot be provided without parents being informed and given an opportunity to object.

Virginians will now have 30 days to comment on the new guidelines. Then school districts must adopt policies consistent with the guidelines or approve policies that are even more comprehensive in protecting parental rights.

Of course, the LGBTQ+ movement and “progressives” are furious and will launch counterattacks in both states.

We stand with Governor DeSantis, Governor Youngkin and other public officials who are protecting our children and fighting for parental rights.

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