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The Global Financial Reset

November 29, 2021 - By Jamie Rice, Journalist

The new normal appears to be a continual change in goal posts and within our search for truth it’s important to start asking the right questions. For example, why is the government pushing so hard to have everyone vaccinated, especially when it’s already been established the “experimental vaccine” is unsafe and not effective?

One “major factor” has to do with a financial reset. The fiat currency has failed and in order to keep the game going they need a new financial system. This is why it has been said many times Covid-19 was meticulously planned and manufactured on purpose with the agenda to bring about a financial reset to replace our failing fiat currency system.

If you’re keeping up than you already know there is absolutely no medical reason behind these vaccines, yet there is a drive to get everyone vaccinated. Some believe the push is about vaccine passports; however it’s not, rather data and participation passports. I realize this sounds absolutely insane for America, but you must understand our government sold us out years ago. Those posing as our government want to give everyone a chip with all their medical and financial data on it, just like in communist China. It will be your complete ID; therefore, they will be able to control every aspect of your life just like in communist China. Ideally they want to put a quantum tattoo on you so they can remotely medicate you, but I will get into that at a later date. If you think this is far fetched I assure you it is not.

The CDC, Bill Gates, Fauchi and Boris Johnson have all readily admitted the experimental vaccine doesn’t stop you from getting Covid-19 or passing it along. They have even come out publicly and announced it; so again, why the push to have everyone vaccinated?

The next logical question is to ask yourself why do we need vaccine passports to move about freely in a society when the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission? It would be reasonably understandable to have a vaccine passport if the “experimental vaccine” actually stopped transmission, but that’s not the case. Again, why the push to have everyone vaccinated?

This has nothing to do with medical decisions, rather economic decisions. We are in a debt based economy and it has collapsed under it’s own weight. We are in a banking crisis and fiat currency has returned to zero. The pound and the dollar have already lost over 99% of their value and they’re eradicating the other 1% and printing money out of thin air. Money is being printed so that the central banks can give it to the hedge fund companies and asset management firms. They’re buying up all the actual assets while we’re fully distracted arguing with each other and complying with an agenda that doesn’t make any sense. Why wouldn’t they just tell us we need to go to digital currency?

Let’s cut to the chase to understand that the central bank digital currency is the end game along with totalitarian control. In order to bring in a central bank digital currency you need a digital ID. In order to bring in a digital ID you need these passports and that will be combined with a social credit system. Central bank digital currency has all the good aspects for the government with no benefit to us.

We would lose our privacy moving into a central bank digital currency system and they would have complete control over every aspect of our finances. They would be able to dictate where in the economy you can spend your money, for example say you can only spend it on essential goods or rent. They can fine you at will and when it’s linked to a social credit concept they can sanction or reward you. This has already been trialed in Northern China, for example if you have a AAA rating you get job preferences and your children have schooling preferences. They could take your qualifications away and dismiss everything you’ve achieved in your life.

The reason they’re coming for our children is because everyone without exception has to buy into this plan for the new financial system. Children aren’t earning money right now, but they must be conditioned because they will be part of the financial system. They also need our children’s data because we’re moving into AI Technology where “data is the new gold and energy is the new currency.” Artificial intelligence is only as good as the information that goes into it; therefore you need all of someone’s data in order to track their behaviors. I am particularly well versed in AI, with an understanding of nano technology. It is a complex subject that most cannot possibly comprehend until given the full scope of knowledge with much understanding

It has been predicted that most jobs earning $20.00 or less will be eliminated by 2030. We’re heading into a Universal basic income and many people will no longer be needed. A great example and introduction to this is self check out stations in grocery stores.

If we continue to comply with this negative agenda this will become our new reality. The target is constantly moving and “right now” it’s on small to medium businesses as well as our children being vaccinated. We must rise up and defend ourselves and we cannot allow our children to be pawns in this game.

All the evidence supports those who accepted the “experimental vaccine” early on were lied to, yet vaccine mandates are just now ramping up for children. They are using the same tactics with our children saying if you want to participate in life you will have to comply. Everything we have been told in the beginning has already been changed. One of many examples they said early on is we should accept the “experimental vaccine” in order to protect others, yet that has proven to be a lie. We were told the “experimental vaccine” was safe and effective and clearly it is not. It doesn’t do anything to protect you or anyone else and it has already been proven.

Let’s be real, why would anyone vaccinate their child at this point in time and under these circumstances? The reality is that it’s taking a huge risk in order for our children to participate in society. People are complying based solely on fear, fear of losing something and fear has never been a reason to do anything. The next move will be, you have to have a central bank wallet in order to participate in the financial society.

What do we do from here? We need to stop complying with unlawful mandates. Their threats are unlawful fines and it’s important to understand, especially small businesses will be gone anyway. Our point of power is NOW and we have to stand up and fight for our rights while we still have a chance through non-compliance. Small businesses are under attack and will be eradicated in order for the new system to come into place. Please understand they need all of us to be dependent on the government; therefore they need to eliminate independence.

It will begin with nobody can participate in society unless they comply, then it will move to if you comply you can participate in society and then it will be if you adopt central bank digital currency you can participate in society and then it will be a social credit system and on and on. Remember, the new normal is the continual change of the goal posts.

Right now everything is based on compliance and it’s all being challenged in the courts right now, but in the meantime businesses are being wiped out. We have big problems and it’s time for the average person to wake up. What kind of future do you want for yourself and your children? If you don’t stand up to tyranny now you are building yourself a prison in the future. Our economy is failing either way so you need to ask yourself are you prepared; financially, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically?

If they succeed this will be the new world and there will be no going back. When freedoms are reduced and eroded away the rule is empires tend to collapse. We must protect our children and not participate in this passport system. If you do participate for the sake of going to a restaurant, concert, club, school, or sporting event you are leading us into a social credit system and slavery.

It is abundantly clear the consumer economy is failing. If we keep complying with this negative agenda we will move into a credits economy. If we don’t stand up now we will be handing off a credit based system to our children where they will have to work off the debt that has been incrued. Humanity is at war and this is why other countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Austria have taken it to the the streets. Many Americas are unaware that America is absolutely in a war situation and there is always collateral damage. This is where we are standing with these vaccine injuries and deaths from the “experimental vaccine.”

Anyone speaking the truth is being completely censored because it’s essential to get us all on board with no exceptions. We are in a war situation against a globalist takeover from non-government organizations such as WEF & IMF, where billionaires and technology companies are dictating the future of humanity.

We are running out of time and we have to stand up NOW! It’s really quite simple and all we have to do is just say no - it’s called non-compliance. We are the majority and if enough people stand up and say no, surely we can turn this around. Look at our children and decide what kind of world you want to live in and don’t wait for someone else to build it. No matter what life isn’t going back to the way it was.

Knowledge is power! We must rise up and come together right now in the name of humanity, otherwise we are giving our children twice the battle.

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