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Mayor Day of Salisbury Establishes Inspiring Stormwater Management Plan

Updated: Sep 23

September 22, 2021

Back in 2016, downtown Salisbury faced some flooding along Market street that destroyed first-level office spaces. "The destruction was devastating to the city. We need to make sure that this doesn't happen again," said Day. "It must start with a stormwater management plan paired with my special set of skills." Mayor Day considers himself a master architect and civil engineer.

Flood on Market Street downtown Salisbury.

In response to the devastation of the city's flood, the Mayor quotes scripture from his bible in Genesis to ensure that flooding won't be an issue for the city ever again. Day is referencing the post-flood account of Noah that he learned about in Sunday school as a boy.

Mayor Jake Day articulates his message by quoting Genesis.

The Mayor then continues to explain that the rainbow is a sign that there will never be destruction onto the earth with a catastrophic flood again, even for those who disobey.

To promote the message of promise, Mayor Day installs rainbow flags on all of the lampposts throughout the city with the unifying message "WE ARE ALL EQUAL HERE" to let citizens know that we either sink or swim together, and that the City of Salisbury would never be flooded again. "I think it's important to be symbolic to connect with the citizens. It's a way that they can understand how great I am, including my vision. Let's just say I'm a visionary," said Day.

Rainbow flags hang from downtown city lampposts.

To spread the message, Jake allowed his downtown children to use Crayola water-based paint on the crosswalk in front of the county library. Day emphasized: "Since there will be no flooding, the paint should last awhile, and the kids have fun doing it with rollers and stuff."

Downtown crosswalk lined with bright Crayola colors.

Day told reporters that this idea was inspired not only by the scriptures of promise, but his favorite video game Mario Kart Wii, which features his favorite level called "Rainbow Road."

Paul Butte

Satirical Reporter, Delmarva Times

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