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Leadership Fight: Delegate Chris Adams Loses

June 17, 2022 - by Suzanne Latham, Journalist & Political Commentator

The Republican Minority Leader, Delegate Jason Buckel from Allegany County faced a leadership fight from Delegate Chris Adams from Wicomico County, who only a year ago was his running mate. Weeks before the beginning of the 2022 Legislative Session, Delegate Chris Adams sent a letter to the Republican Caucus announcing his resignation. At the same time, Chris Adams said that he would team with Matt Morgan a St. Mary’s Republican to seek to take away the caucus leadership from his former ally, Delegate Jason Buckel in the 2022 session.

A week after the public airing of a rift between Delegate Chris Adams and Delegate Jason Buckel, the Maryland House GOP Caucus re-elected Delegate Jason Buckel as Minority Leader and selected Delegate Haven N. Shoemaker Jr. Republican from Carroll County to serve as Minority Whip.

The Buckel-Shoemaker ticket defeated a ticket headed by Adams as the candidate for Minority Leader and Delegate Matt Morgan as the candidate for Minority Whip “by more than a 2-1 margin,“ the House Republican Caucus said in a statement. A win by this big of a margin shows that the Republican Caucus is united behind their new leadership.

“In 2022, Republicans in Maryland are standing at the possibility of legislative opportunities. Failures of soft-on-crime policies that plague our communities, parents lack of voice in their children’s education, and Maryland’s high tax burden and spiraling cost of living all are energizing citizens to demand change. The members of the Republican Caucus can provide the change Marylanders still yearn for when they are united in their efforts.”

As a concerned citizen and a resident of Cambridge, Maryland, I am hopeful that the Minority Leader, Delegate Jason Buckel and Minority Whip, Delegate Haven N. Shoemaker have the legislative support from their fellow House Republicans, conservative and moderate Democrats so that they can be successful with passing legislation as described above and pass it in the Senate to be signed into law by the Governor. There is a need for Legislators in Annapolis to identify and introduce and enact into law legislation that is of the utmost importance to the citizens of Maryland.

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