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Kristin Hazel Announces At Large Run for Wicomico County Board of Education


January 3, 2022

WICOMICO COUNTY, MD Kristin Hazel has registered to run for the Wicomico County Board of Education for an At Large seat to represent all people of the county. As a parent, she felt that she could no longer be a spectator from the sidelines and complain about our current leadership not doing anything as our schools continue to decline. The candidate believes that parents need someone who can genuinely represent them, and she’s ready to be that person. Having gone to Wicomico schools herself, the peers she’s attended school with now have children of their own attending the same schools. So many people are disappointed in the way things are headed, is the number one statement relayed to Hazel. ‘’If it’s one thing 2020 has given us, is a peek into what’s going on when our kids go to school every day. It’s time to work on fixing these problems,’’ said Hazel.

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