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Deace: Americans must get school boards under control if the US is to have any future worth saving

Steve Deace - October 27, 2021

Photo courtesy of Blaze Media

The apology we just got from the National School Boards Association for calling parents who push back on radical race and gender curriculums "domestic terrorists" is, quite frankly, a modern-day political and moral miracle.

After all, we live in a world where a middle-aged dude named Rachel was just, ahem, honored as the first "female" to be classified as a four-star admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. Now, that's the progressive Spirit of the Age cult for ya. Always on the march, destroying reality itself at every turn and daring you to stop it, lest you be called a bigot.

Except ...

There's this little thing coming up at in June and November of 2022 called an election. And whereas I've lost count of the number of times I've been told in the past that the presidential election du jour was the most important election of our lifetimes, I'm actually inclined to consider the school board elections before us a far more consequential referendum on the state of our national will.

Because one of the greatest tricks the progressive cult ever pulled is to take the average American citizen's eye off the ball at the local level and idolatrously steer all of its gaze toward the federal level. We became addicted to a soap opera hardly any of us have the power to directly control, while right there in front of us the very education of our children was being ransacked by neighbors.

The lie that school board elections aren't political time and time and time again convinced people to swallow Kool-Aid that they knew was rancid. Tolerance. Diversity. Equity. Everyone waved those bloody pom-poms for years in their local school districts, because "being nice" was much more in style than questioning the ever-growing god complex of many of our nation's teachers. It was a masterful victory for brainwashing and propagandizing an entire nation. Maybe, just maybe, though, America is showing signs of waking up from its trance.

This isn't because of any one thing. Teachers' unions played a key role in keeping schools shut down and kids forever masked during the last 20 months of our Covidstan saga. This happens to be the first election of any consequence after the steal of 2020. The vaccine wars are begging to create a new class of second-class citizenry. The absence of real journalism makes it nearly impossible for objectivity, honesty, and accountability to take root.

Many are promoting an actual national divorce between blue and red states. Critical race theory and mental illness have replaced tolerance, diversity, and equity with "you will worship us or else you are a domestic terrorist," per the directive of the attorney general of the United States. And on and on.

Our lives feel very much out of control. Worse still, we see our children's future, and it looks pretty bleak unless something changes. That's why school board meetings across the country have been filling up. At long last, the notion of just how badly we are failing our next generation seems to have kicked in, and instead of waiting for some "expert" somewhere to do something, more and more of We the People are taking matters into our own hands.

Which takes us back to the NSBA apology. Such autonomy from We the People simply won't do for the progressive cult. Thus, the puppet masters are truly scared for once and not simply gaming the system. They would rather lose the presidency than the schools if it came right down to it. The schools are where the lies now destroying us are planted and fertilized. They have literally turned our schools into Satan's youth ministry. If that ends in enough places, so ultimately ends their woke harvest.

Better do something while we still have elections. Better do something right damn now. For this isn't about whether you think we should have public schools or not, or whether you send your own kids there or to private school. It's about power, who has it, where it belongs, and what you are prepared to do to make the world make sense again.

No more experimenting on our children. No more forsaking their birthright. For the love of God, no more. Take your schools back. Take your country back.


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