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Coalition of Maryland Parents Files Suit in Somerset County Circuit Court Over State Mask Mandate

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 14, 2022

Coalition of Maryland Parents Files Suit in Somerset County Circuit Court Today

The recently formed Coalition of Maryland Parents LLC (C.O.M.P.), an organization representing over 175 Maryland parent members and counting, is seeking to end the universal public school mask mandates for good. One week after launching the legal fund, the organization has exceeded the mid-way goal and today filed suit in Somerset County Circuit Court.

"We are positively thrilled by the speedy work of our attorneys in preparing this request for temporary restraining order and injunction against the statewide school mask mandate," said Ali Rak, the group's co-founder. "Parents throughout the state of Maryland want their rightful decision-making power returned. Children are the least at risk for adverse outcomes from a COVID-19 infection and yet, the last to see restrictions removed throughout this entire years long ordeal."

C.O.M.P. would like to thank Hartman - Attorneys at Law for their commitment to unmasking Maryland children and their members and donors for fulfilling the first goal of the legal fundraiser in less than one week. C.O.M.P. encourages parents to continue joining the coalition by making a non-tax-deductible donation toward the legal fund on our website at

Coalition of Maryland Parents LLC exists to support parents rights and commonsense educational policy. Established in February 2022, C.O.M.P. represents 179 families, so far, from the State of Maryland through grassroots activism. Contact us at or find us on the web at:


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