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Adams & Hutchinson Form "Team Scheme" in Maryland District 37B

June 3, 2022 by Suzanne Latham, Journalist & Political Commentator

In a desperate attempt to push out the Republican front runner Nicole Acle in Maryland’s District 37B, the self-proclaimed contractor candidates Adams and Hutchinson have teamed up against Acle to bully their way through as “Moderate Republicans.”

Adams is currently under investigation for misusing the elected office for personal gain in an alleged bid fixing scheme, and holding state and municipal contracts without reporting his close ties on his financial disclosures while in office. In conflict with state ethics, he has contracted hundreds of thousands of dollars with public school systems and other government agencies while occupying the seat. He may also be in hot water for trying to pull off unethical legislation to circumvent environmental regulations for a certain business at the expense of the taxpayer and the Chesapeake Bay. As a result, his eligibility to run for reelection remains uncertain pending the outcome. He also consumed the poison apple when he accepted campaign contributions from the teacher’s union.

At the end of 2021, Adams (the Liz Cheney of Maryland) attempted to form a coup to overthrow the Republic Minority Leader Jason Buckel, which was an epic failure. This resulted in the removal of Adams from the Republican Caucus and dismissed from committee position, making Adams an indefinite benchwarmer. With 8 years and zero accomplishments, Adams received many hints from citizens that it’s time to hang it up. He now focuses on teaching the ropes of corruption to his apprentice Hutchinson.

Hutchinson moved to Dorchester County just over a year ago. Just months later, he decided to run for state office with no clear platform or track record of governing. It is obvious that Hutchinson is trying to ride whatever political coat tails he can in order to advance himself, so he decided to latch onto his host Adams.

Coincidentally, they are both construction contractors, making a nice pair to continue the pocket-lining exploitation of the people. You don’t see Hutchinson without his grandfather and good-ole-boy Senator Colburn in toe. Colburn still has sour grapes from being unseated by Addie Eckhardt after violations of misconduct and sexual harassment with younger female staff, along with several accusations of receiving bribes in exchange for submitting favorable legislation. When a Democrat newspaper features two Republicans favorably on their front page during election season, what does that tell you?

For the last question, is Acle up for the challenge? Remember her county council race just two years ago when the Wicomico swamp invested over $60,000 into a Democrat with the goal to unseat her. Those investors lost a lot of money. Known for her strong conservative stance on education and calling out waste of tax pay dollars, Acle will stay strong and bring the voice back to the people.


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